February 07, 2008

The Joseph A. Unanue Latino Institute presents the award winning novelist, Eduardo Lago on March 12, at 8 pm at Seton Hall University in the Chancellor’s Suite. Lago is the recipient of the Nadal Prize, Spain’s oldest and most prestigious literary award for his first novel Llamame Brooklyn (Call Me Brooklyn), and the 2007 National Critics’ Award.

Eduardo Lago, renowned novelist and critic, born in Spain and a 20 year resident of New York City, has published many articles, essays and books in Spanish and English. He has received the Bartolome March Award for Excellence in Literary Criticism for a comparative study of the three existing Spanish versions of James Joyce’s Ulysses. Lago has translated works by Henry James and numerous other American classics.

In his presentation, Lago will consider a series of themes including, culture, as presented in the literature of various Latino writers, all converging in New York. The connections among the different Latin American and Spanish writers, and the resulting confluence of their work, will be explored. A general analysis of these authors will conclude with a discussion of Lago’s own work.


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