December 23, 2000

'The Business Case for Diversity' the first comprehensive study of the importance of diversity,explains the growing business case for diversity by examining the impact of demographic and social changes -- and how leading companies have leveraged today's multicultural marketplace for competitive advantages.

The report consists of four major sections, The New Workforce, Minority Customers Become a Majority, Diversifying the Supplier Base and Measurement Builds the Case.

The first section, The New Workforce, examines the changing workforce and the advantages that inclusion of women and minorities bring to an organization. Section two, Minority Customers Become a Majority, deals with the evolving consumer market and the importance of multicultural marketing. The section not only explores the increase in minority buying power, but also delves into psychographics and the differences in spending habits. Diversifying the Supplier Base demonstrates the advantages gained by contracting with women- and minority-owned enterprises. These relationships allow companies to embrace diverse ideas, cultures and ethnicity -- which then helps with consumer relationships. Section four, Measurement Builds the Case, proves the contribution that diversity makes to the bottom line.

"Diversity is a competitive advantage for those companies astute enough to embrace it. This report provides the structure, data and references to make the case," said Luke Visconti, president of

'The Business Case for Diversity' can be accessed from the home page at .

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