December 10, 2000

Food manufacturers should prepare for the impending boom in processed snacks in Latin America, says a new study from strategic consulting firm Promar International. "Casual analysis of the region's direction should bring smiles to regional and global food executives," says Andre Williamson, Promar senior consultant. "Many indicators point to an extremely promising future for snack manufacturers, from upheaval at point-of-sale to shifting demographics and lifestyles."

"While snack growth in the region is a sure bet, tomorrow's snackfood profits will not be shared equally," emphasizes Williamson. "And though it may be tempting to jump into these markets, the longer term potential should not obscure the many short term realities-nor should it be eclipsed by them."

Promar's study, "The Future of Snack Markets in Latin America," is building on both Promar's extensive knowledge of Latin American markets and its deep understanding of global snacking patterns to provide not only valuable information, but a prioritized big picture as well. It will identify the strategic opportunities and tactical imperatives food manufacturers will face.

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