February 01, 2001

Alan Feldman, president of McDonald’s USA, today announced that Tom Ryan, senior vice president of Menu Management/New Concepts for McDonald’s USA, will become the head of Marketing for McDonald’s USA, effective March 1.

"Since joining McDonald’s in 1997, Tom has proved to be one of the brightest and most creative forces under the Golden Arches," said Feldman. "He has a flair for innovation and new thinking – talents that will serve our brand well as Tom assumes this new post."

Ryan will retain his current Menu Management/New Concepts duties while adding to his responsibilities the marketing activities for the nearly 13,000 U.S. McDonald’s restaurants.

"This is a win/win for our entire organization," explained Feldman. "McDonald’s is all about the customer experience and food is at the center of that experience. No one knows more about food than Tom Ryan. He is recognized as a driving force in our industry. He has helped give McDonald’s food the star status it deserves, especially with projects such as the introduction of our New Tastes Menu, Breakfast Bagels and McSalad Shakers. Throughout his career, he has maintained a natural partnership with Marketing and we’re excited about the talent and potential he brings to this critical function."

Ryan has a Ph.D. in Flavor and Fragrance Chemistry, a Master’s Degree in Food Toxicology and a B.S. in Food Science from Michigan State University. Prior to joining

McDonald’s, he was senior vice president of Business Development at Long John Silver’s, where he was responsible for Product Development and Operations. Ryan has experience in both marketing and development at Proctor & Gamble, Pillsbury and Pizza Hut, then a division of PepsiCo, where he was instrumental in the development of some of the chain’s most notable product innovations.

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