June 08, 2002

The Circulo Creativo del Mercado Latino USA National Mentorship Program (NMP) was launched as a major initiative of the Circulo Creativo del Mercado Latino USA (CCML). CCML unveiled the mission and goals of Program as well as the history preceding it's founding

CCML President Aldo Quevedo stated, the mentorship program's mission is to promote solution oriented initiatives that will have a real impact in the long term professional careers by broadening the scope of opportunities for the up coming generation of young advertising professionals interested in working for the US Hispanic Market, the 5th largest Spanish-speaking population of the world, just behind Mexico, Spain, Colombia and Argentina.

NMP will seek to improve educational attainment and professional achievement in our creative community. The Mentorship will also develop a program of policy that can provide guidance for Agency leadership on how to change current systems in order for young professionals to thrive in the Industry. Through grants from the private and public sector, Review Board meetings, surveys of members, and a variety of studies, the National Mentorship Program will accomplish its mission.

ACA Films, a corporate leader in the industry and one of the market largest production Company, became a Founding Member through a grant covering al travel expenses of recipients for one entire month presented at the reception. ACA Films joins the Miami Ad School and Dieste Harmel & Partners one of the largest advertising agency in the US Hispanic Market as Founding Members of the NMP.

Carlos Lopez, the driving force behind NMP, spoke of the idea. "The program will be national in scope, and will address the entire spectrum of educational experiences, from early introductions to the craft through hands on- real life training. All of the NMP work will be characterized by an emphasis on practical results that will be understandable by members, educators, sponsors, and policy makers alike."

Mr. Lopez also serves as Director of Education for CCML, and a Partner of Brands lab a multicultural marketing consulting group based in Miami FL.

For more information on the The Circulo Creativo del Mercado Latino USA Mentorship Program (NMP) or other CCML initiatives, please call Carlos López (954-494-4575). Program information and requirements are available online at

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