September 24, 2012

With more consumer brands turning to online video and social media marketing to connect with consumers online, there has been a great industry need to prove if—and how—these tactics really impact purchase intent. A recent Nielsen analysis reveals that for one alcoholic beverage brand—Stolichnaya Vodka—and social video distribution platform Sharethrough, this combination led to significant brand impact.

Stolichnaya’s campaign, “The Most Original Moments, Deserve The Most Original Vodka”, consisted of three films that embody the spirit of Stolichnaya. The videos were distributed online by Sharethrough so that Stolichanaya’s audience of adults 21-34 could organically discover and share the content. Together, Stolichnaya and Sharethrough saw an overall 30.8% brand lift in the campaign’s primary marketing objective, purchase intent, among those who were exposed to the video through both paid placements and shared views.

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