August 05, 2012

Compared to TV advertisers, digital video advertisers have a much smaller window of opportunity for captivating viewers. For one, consumers still average a far greater number of minutes watching TV than digital video. March 2012 data from Nielsen found US media users averaged 4 hours and 47 minutes watching TV that month vs. roughly 10 minutes of online and mobile video, respectively.

Within this shortened timeframe, advertising opportunities account for a sliver of all time spent watching digital video&mash; just 1.5% of total time spent watching online video, according to comScore.

Fortunately for digital video marketers, a VideoHub study offered insight into the times of day and days of week advertisers could find the most success reaching and resonating with video viewers.

According to the findings from the video operating system for brand marketers, publishers and agencies, the hours of 11am to 6pm each saw a slightly greater share of US digital video streams across the VideoHub network. This was unsurprising considering that during these typical work hours, mobile and desktop devices are the primary viewing screens for most consumers.

Though advertisers may have a greater chance of reaching digital video viewers during work hours, users were less likely to view video ads to completion during this timeframe, nor were they apt to do so during the early morning hours. VideoHub saw the greatest indices for video ad completions online and on mobile devices from 9pm to 1am, pointing to greater video ad viewing during the late evening hours, when viewers may likely be streaming longer-form content such as primetime TV shows.

Just as time of day affects digital video ad completion rate, day of week affects audience reach. For those digital video marketers hoping to maximize audience reach, Friday through Sunday could prove the best days to do so. Though both online and mobile video ads followed relatively similar daily reach patterns, mobile video ads saw a slightly greater percentage of total audience reach on the weekend, with Saturday (15.5%) slightly edging out Sunday (15.3%). Even still, the overall reach for both mobile and online video ads was relatively distributed across all seven days, painting a picture of consistency by digital video viewers.

VideoHub noted these reach percentages shifted slightly toward the beginning of the week during March 2012, attributed to TV’s relaunch of season premiers during that month.

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