July 29, 2012

AdSafe Media announced the availability of its newest proactive brand protection solution, Ad Collision Detection. Ad Collision Detection will measure instances of multiple ads from a single brand campaign appearing simultaneously on a web page.

Approximately 6 percent of the more than billion impressions that AdSafe Media sees daily "collide," meaning the advertiser pays for multiple impressions unintentionally shown at the same time to the same user. In addition to lowering the ROI potential for the brand, AdSafe has also found a strong correlation between pages that have a high percentage of ad collision and those that have a high likelihood for click and impression fraud. Ad Collision Detection and AdSafe's recently released Suspicious Activity Detection work hand-in-hand to help advertisers identify and avoid these risks.

"As buyers migrate from directly purchasing impressions on networks and publishers to programmatic audience buying across RTB and exchanges, the risk of ad collision increases," said Scott Knoll, CEO of AdSafe Media. "Ad Collision Detection increases awareness of the problem, proactively blocks ads from appearing on sites where collisions can occur, and provides more visibility so that advertisers and agencies can better understand and measure where and how their ads are being placed. Addressing this wasteful practice is a natural evolution of AdSafe's technology, and we believe it's another piece of the puzzle to increasing the value of online display advertising."

For more information at http://adsafemedia.com


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