August 21, 2011

EZTarget Media, an advertising network owned by Hispanic digital media company Terra, is the first Hispanic focus ad network to become certified as IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) compliant. The IAB compliance ensures that EZTarget Media and Terra offer advertising media solutions in accordance with quality assurance guidelines issued by the IAB in reference to inventory acquisition, contextual taxonomy and targeting, inventory vetting and data disclosure.

“We are proud to share that our advertising network is the first with an Hispanic focus to become certified compliant with IAB standards. Terra is one of the pioneers in the US Hispanic digital market and EZTarget has been an excellent reach vehicle for our clients while offering behavioral and segmented targeting,” said Fernando Rodriguez, CEO of Terra USA.

IAB standards and guidelines give advertisers and their agencies the ability to develop advertising content with general specifications that are accepted by most leading interactive publishers, allowing them to reach a qualified targeted audience. Compliance with the standards and guidelines leads to greater efficiencies for the online ad creation and media buying communities, thereby increasing the value of doing business with IAB compliant publishers. EZTarget assures that each advertising campaign will be programmed in recognized and qualified sites providing advertisers reliability, a safe brand environment and the high quality of standards they expect.

According to Seneca Mudd, Director of the Networks & Exchanges and Committee at the IAB, “Advertisers and agencies are increasingly looking to work with Networks & Exchanges that are IAB QAG compliant for the superior brand safety, system controls, and professional standards they offer as prudent measures to minimize reputational risk and defend brand equity.”


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