May 08, 2010

EPMG has launched a Hispanic Free Standing Insert (FSI) competitive reporting program. The program covers the top 15 Hispanic markets and publications within each of these designated markets. The analysis is the most comprehensive FSI competitive reporting program in the industry, giving agencies and retailers much more insight into the Hispanic FSI advertising landscape.

“This cutting-edge program analyzes each top publication using our proprietary competitive reporting system, which empowers our clients with valuable knowledge and actionable insights for their Hispanic FSI advertising strategy as well as their competitors” said Trevor Hansen, CEO of EPMG.

Data collection for the program started in February 2010, and is led by Amy Henderson, account manager for EPMG’s Hispanic division. The program incorporates in-depth information on all inserts, page count, language, advertising direction, and estimated costs for each top publication. “No other company has gone so far in-depth into this type of competitive research. Our program gives a much deeper insight into the industry,” explained Henderson.

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