January 21, 2013

Florida State University's Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication is celebrating the first anniversary of its undergraduate and graduate Multicultural Marketing Communication Certificates. Students and professionals who have earned these certificates have unique capabilities and expanded professional opportunities for marketing to emerging culturally diverse consumers in this country.

"Our Multicultural Marketing Communication Certificates at Florida State University represent a benchmark in the preparation of students and professionals in the US and the world. We are pioneering the field and I think we are making an important contribution in the area of cultural marketing" says Dr. Felipe Korzenny, founder of the Center.

Completion of the certificates indicates capabilities to:

_ Include multicultural marketing considerations into marketing or advertising plans
_ Reach multicultural populations by formulating strategies based on cultural knowledge
_ Conduct research and apply the findings to efforts in marketing, advertising, and diffusion of innovations and,
_ Practice the principles of account planning in a multicultural context.

The graduate and undergraduate certificates consist of four corresponding graduate or undergraduate level courses offered by the FSU School of Communication: Hispanic Marketing Communication, Multicultural Marketing Communication, Account Planning and Diffusion of Innovations/Communication and Change. The courses can be taken in the classroom or online (depending on availability). Students also write a Capstone Experience Paper, applying the coursework to their academic or professional experience. The detailed descriptions of the certificates are available at: http://hmc.comm.fsu.edu/ >

Professionals and non- FSU students who wish to take these classes must first complete a non-degree seeking student application through FSU Admissions available at . The application deadlines for each semester are: Summer - March 1, Fall - July 1 and Spring - November 1. For more information on course content and schedules, contact the Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication at [email protected]. For tuition information and information on the non-degree seeking student application process, please contact the Office of Distance Learning at [email protected].

About the Center:

The Center for Hispanic Marketing Communication is the first of its kind in the United States and a pioneer in training of multicultural marketing professionals. Faculty and students who work with the Center conduct groundbreaking research and serve as an innovative resource for the Hispanic marketing industry.The Center offers undergraduate and graduate courses and certificates, an undergraduate minor, graduate majors and industry mentorship programs.


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