January 15, 2001

The first bilingual Spanish language Web site aimed at educating California's Latino elected officials, community leaders and healthcare advocates about the realities of teen pregnancy in the Latino community was launched at http://www.enfrentate.org. As part of the statewide public education campaign "Get Real About Teen Pregnancy", the site was developed to raise awareness about teen pregnancy, particularly its impact in the Latino community in California.

"Teen pregnancy is decreasing nationwide, however among Latinos, the pregnancy rates have not decreased as much as the overall U.S. teen birth and pregnancy rates," said Angel Martinez, spokesperson for Get Real. Our leaders need accurate and timely information about what's happening in our communities in order to develop effective programs and policies."

California has the second highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation. In 1998, 58,141 California teenagers gave birth. Of that number, 36,945 were by Latino mothers - reflecting 64% of the teen births statewide. "We need to begin addressing Latino teen pregnancy in a realistic, open and culturally sensitive manner," said Dr. Jose Marez, Program Director, Supporting Option Adolescent Responsibility (SOAR) in South Central Los Angeles. "Together we must take the necessary steps to educate our community on the realities of teen pregnancy and how to best address this issue."

www.enfrentate.org provides current information, resources, research and statistics on Latino teen sexual behavior and teen pregnancy. Campaign materials are posted on the site, including a television Public Service Announcement that aired on Univision, research documents, and news releases about campaign activities. An extensive list of links to various Latino organizations addressing teen pregnancy and Latino health issues is included.

The "Get Real About Teen Pregnancy" public education campaign is part of a $60-million, 10-year Teen Pregnancy Prevention Initiative funded by The California Wellness Foundation.

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