June 29, 2002

Lourdes Sanchez passed away on July 22nd after a lengthy illness.

She was the Southeast Regional Sales Manager for Spanish Media Rep Team, a group of radio and television stations in Los Angeles and Houston owned by the Liebermans.

Lourdes began her career in broadcast media over 25 years ago working for Caballero Spanish Media. She then joined WADO-AM as Promotional Event Marketing Director and subsequently under the Tichenor Group she became National Sales Manager. She moved to Miami in the early 90's, working as Sales Manager for America TV.

Lourdes Sanchez was a dedicated professional who used her experience and management skills to mentor many people in the industry. Active in the Hispanic community, she selflessly lent her support to business and cultural projects.She was blessed with a kind spirit and an embracing soul.

She will be missed by many of us.

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