August 24, 2001

In the true spirit of America, the people of this nation from coast to coast are reacting to the recent terrorist attacks with courage and fervor. They are standing firmly behind the President and are ready to take action to bring order back to our world, as was evidenced by a nationwide survey conducted by Simmons Market Research Bureau.

"President Bush's speech last night will only continue to bring out the patriotism of the American people, which is already shining brightly through," said Chris Wilson, President of New York-based Simmons Market Research Bureau. "In fact, Americans are clearly united behind a single cause and seem anxious and willing to take action."

The Simmons study uncovered the following insights about the American people in this unrelenting time of crisis:

* More than a quarter of Americans surveyed said they have more faith in the federal government since the Attacks. 60% have about the same faith, and only 13% have experienced a dip in confidence in the government.

* When asked to rate the appropriateness of the types of official responses to the Attack on America that have been discussed in the media, respondents had very mixed reactions. The clear message, however, was that Americans are eager to have some sort of action taken as soon as possible. The following were ranked as extremely appropriate courses of action:

-- 54% Diplomatic response (work with diplomats around the world to find and return terrorists to U.S.)

-- 52% Full military response (any military action necessary even if it results in significant civilian casualties)

-- 51% Economic or trade sanctions (convince other countries not to trade with a country sheltering terrorists)

-- 39% Limited military response (only military actions that have the least chance of causing civilian casualties)

* A large segment of the American people is eager to take personal action, with 44% of those surveyed saying they are more willing to join the Armed Forces than before the Attacks. Those more likely to respond this way were residents of New York City or Washington, DC. (50%), males (58%), college graduates (57%) and people who profiled as politically conservative (51%).

* 56% of respondents felt that U.S. foreign policy was not at all responsible for the Attacks, while just 6% felt U.S. foreign policy was completely responsible.

* Americans appear to be listening to the government warnings about possible additional terrorist attacks. Almost 30% of respondents surveyed felt that it was extremely likely that there will be another terrorist attack on U.S. soil in the next 12 months.

* Although Americans have been shaken by the Attacks, they remain courageous, with over three-quarters saying they are not at all reluctant to go out in public. Only 17% are somewhat reluctant and 5% not ready to take to the streets.

The Simmons poll was conducted from September 13 to September 15, 2001. The sample of 1,093 respondents came from a re-contact study of Simmons National Consumer Survey and the percentages reported in this release are weighted by projected U.S. Census Bureau statistical estimates. The maximum sampling error for this poll is +/- 4%. Simmons is providing this analysis free of charge to its customers to help them understand the prevailing attitudes of the American public and changes in their behavior as a result of the recent terrorist attacks.

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