June 09, 2008

For the third consecutive year and AHAA bring forth the Hispanic Account Planning Excelencia Awards (HAPE).

This year, we will not be looking for Transcreations / Adaptations / Translations.

Differently from previous years, we have three new categories along with three new special mentions and recognitions.

This year's categories have changed to reflect three categories based on the level of differentiation of each case's strategy with respect to the general market work, with more of a focus on the strategic planners “oficio”. It makes this year's awards more challenging and centered on the way that the strategic thinking contributes to our own market growth.

With this new philosophy in mind, we'll award the best strategic thinking based on creating new opportunities for products and services in the Hispanic market as well as the best inspiration of creativity that builds and keeps brands relevant to Latino consumers (even if they are not based on “cultural” insight). We are also creating a new category to recognize the contribution of strategic planning in the development of integrated communication platforms.

Contestant can submit work that represents advertising efforts that ran from June 2007 to submission date.

We will recognize the best young planner, the best usage of research in the strategic process and the best communication strategy targeting young urban ethnic groups.

The 2008 panel of judges groups seasoned and awarded planners and creative and account executives from both Latino and general market agencies. It includes 2008 HAPE winner Ken Muench Account Planner for Grupo Gallegos; Tracy Lowett, WW Strategic Planning Director for BBDO; Andrew Speyer, head of planning at Zubi; Jenn Urich from seedexperience; Gustavo Lauria from la comunidad and Carlos Perez, partner in BBDO Argentina.

We invite you to select your best work, write your planning story and share it with the world. Your entries will help make the planning discipline even stronger. They will demonstrate how planning is steadily contributing to the quality of the work we produce for our clients and consumers.

So, show it off.

Join in the celebration. Make it better.

To download entry form CLICK on link below (Adobe Acrobat Reader required):>

The awards will be bestowed at the Association of Hispanic Advertising Agencies semi-annual conference luncheon on Thursday September 11, 2008 at the Beverly Hills Hilton- Beverly Hills, CA.

Rocio Fernandez
President of the Jury
Executive Director of Strategic Planning at Dieste


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