April 21, 2007

SUR is now part of the channel lineup for MobiTV en Español, one of many MobiTV services. MobiTV en Español turns your cell phone into a portable television, with a combination of programming in English and Spanish, including more than 15 of the most popular networks.

SUR (United System of Retransmission) is an International Corporation founded more than 14 years ago. The channel was born as a window of the united Latin American countries, an encounter of the emigrant and his roots.

SUR broadcasts, on a daily basis, newscasts from seven countries in Latin America, reaching people from: Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Honduras, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. It also offers entertainment, music and sports programming.

MobiTV, Inc. provides television services in partnership with the most prestigious mobile and broadband operators, allowing customers to enjoy their favorite shows anywhere, at anytime. Depending on its origin, SUR is available through MobiTV via AccessTV en Español (Alltel Wireless), Sprint TV En Vivo, MobiEspañol (Sprint), and MobiTV en Español (AT&T).

"Technology surprises us everyday with innovations, and at SUR we're not staying behind, on the contrary," said Silvia Merino, vice president of programming for SUR. "We will take advantage of these new developments to be closer to our target audience".

Now SUR viewers will be able to watch newscasts from their country of origin, hosted by their renowned anchors, in their own language through their cell phones!

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