August 08, 2008

Crisp Wireless announced results from its Second Quarter ‘08 Crisp Wireless Index (CWI). Among the key findings in the Index, mobile web usage continues to grow significantly with a 29.4% increase from 1Q08 to 2Q08. The index is a quarterly barometer of consumer activity online via mobile devices based on usage across sites of select publishers in the Crisp Wireless Publisher Network from April 1, 2008 through June 30, 2008.

The 2Q08 Crisp Wireless Index (CWI) builds on the inaugural CWI by analyzing traffic patterns to determine the busiest times of day and the busiest days of the week for the mobile web, providing valuable behavioral and contextual data for mobile advertisers.

According to the 2Q08 CWI, the following trends have emerged:

* Local news is viewed mostly in the morning, while national news is viewed continuously throughout day.
* Sports fans check scores and highlights during their favorite games, with highest traffic on evenings and weekends.
* Women visit the mobile web late at night and early in the week mirroring their online habits; and young girls are browsing late night, especially on the weekend.
* Entertainment and online services are accessed most in the evenings, primarily on the weekends as visitors are making their weekend plans.

The latest CWI also shows that the percentage of traffic driven from carrier decks is falling, while mobile search driven traffic continues to rise. According to the CWI, search engines are driving 9.45% of overall traffic in 2Q 08 – a 25.8% increase – versus 7.51% of overall traffic in1Q08. Google continues to dominate mobile search engine traffic, driving 82% of mobile search.

Politics and entertainment continue to lead the most searched terms in mobile, with “Movies/Movie Listings” coming in at number one, followed by presidential candidate Barack Obama at number two. “American Idol,” rose six spots from Q1 to claim the fourth most searched term. “Miley Cyrus” and her photo scandal entered the top 25 as the number five most searched term in 2Q08. Senator Hillary Clinton jumped four from Q1 landing at 10th, but was beat out by “Iron Man,” “Tim Russert” and “Sex,” which were the seventh, eighth and ninth most searched terms respectively.

“The Index’s second quarter results provide a great example of just how ubiquitous mobile is becoming,” said Boris Fridman, CEO, Crisp Wireless. “The Index’s time usage and day-part data underlines the increasing importance of mobile, not only to consumers but to content providers and advertisers who now have tangible behavioral and contextual data they can use for planning and targeting mobile marketing campaigns across key content categories.”

The 2Q08 CWI identified a number of other interesting mobile trends and statistics, including:

* Visits per unique visitor increased marginally from 2.02 visits per unique visitor in 1Q08 to 2.06 in 2Q8.
* Average page views per visit decreased slightly from 3.96 in 1Q08 to 3.77 in 2Q08.
* Users typing property or site names drove 28.9% of search engine traffic.
* For sites that have an on-deck presence on all 3 major carriers, carrier decks are driving 45.74% of overall traffic; which is down from 53.4% in Q1 2008.

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