March 25, 2008

One of the largest U.S. Hispanic/Latin American agencies took a major step towards better understanding just how important digital technology is to Latinos. The Y&R Brands Miami office held it’s first, in a series, of Digital Days. Employees from the Bravo Group, Wunderman and Y&R came together to delve deep into the Hispanic digital world. They examined, with the help of a panel of experts, just how closely the Internet and mobile technology are intertwined with the lives of their consumer.

Eric Hoyt, President of Y&R Miami, said, “think of how much you go online these days, you wake up you check your e-mail, you get to the office and you work online—and we all know no one opens up the yellow pages anymore. Digital is a way that U.S. Hispanics acculturate themselves and a phenomenon that is growing exponentially across Latin America”

The panel included experts from every sector of the digital world. StarMedia, one of the largest Latin American Internet portals, presented a series of case studies that highlighted everything from content integration, engagement tools such as Latin chat, and a online weekly video news/entertainment magazine.

Admotion, a rich media company, demonstrated just how far once standard Internet banners have come with dynamically creative samples from across the Americas.

Yahoo! Telemundo spoke in detail about the most successful user generated content contest in Yahoos! history, called Bella 51 for People en Español, which harnessed the importance of search engine marketing and optimization.

To get a clearer picture of the way consumers use and interact with their wireless devices a representative from Cyclelogic, a mobile marketing company, shared trends and facts about the ever evolving role these devices play across every economic sector.

And everyone in attendance got a hearty dose of viral when iChameleon Entertainment took the podium to speak about how to embrace the power of viral marketing and see it as a crucial part of any fully integrated campaign.

It’s clear that the employees of Y&R Brands are committed to moving into tomorrow, today.


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