December 30, 2000

The Miami Herald Publishing Company announced that The Miami Herald and have formed a partnership with the Miami Internet Alliance to help the non-profit organization's efforts to promote South Florida as the Internet Hub of the Americas.

The Miami Herald and will advertise and market the Alliance's monthly panel discussions and quarterly events to its readers and advertisers. The newspaper and Web site will receive title-sponsor status for all events and will play a role in securing speakers and sponsors. The first event under the partnership will take place in February.

"The Internet industry has become a vital part of South Florida's economic landscape," said Joe Natoli, president of the Miami Herald Publishing Company. "This partnership brings together South Florida's leading newspaper, The Miami Herald, the leading local web site,, and the organization that best represents the local Internet industry, the Miami Internet Alliance. Together, we will present events that bring together leaders of this dynamic industry and promote South Florida as the Internet hub of the Americas."

Andre Vanyi-Robin, president of the Miami Internet Alliance, said, "The partnership represents a major milestone for the organization. We've grown considerably since our inception in 1999, and The Miami Herald and's marketing and promotional efforts will increase our visibility in South Florida."

The Miami Internet Alliance is a non-profit organization representing the South Florida Internet community. Its mission is to make the area the Internet hub of the Americas by promoting and encouraging the growth of Internet-related businesses, helping to create jobs in the industry and training qualified high-tech workers.

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