October 21, 2011

A new study from Scarborough Research, the audience ratings measurement service for the newspaper industry, reveals insights regarding adults who have visited a newspaper website in the past 30 days; they are:

31% more likely than all internet-using adults to be employed in professional/managerial positions

34% more likely to influence company purchasing decisions about travel arrangements

33% more likely to influence decisions to purchase information technology

38% more likely to have annual household incomes of $250K+, 33% more likely to live in homes valued at $1M+

48% more likely to hold a post-graduate degree

31% more likely to have contributed to arts or cultural organizations in the past year, 25% more likely to have contributed to political organizations and 20% more likely to have contributed to social welfare organizations

25% more likely to support politicians based on eco-positions, 20% more likely to pay more for eco-friendly products and

22% more likely to own or lease a hybrid vehicle

22% more likely to have visited an art museum in the past year

20% more likely than all internet-enabled adults to have taken three or more trips outside the continental U.S. in the past three years

25% more likely to live in a household that owns an e-reader

19% more likely to live in a household that owns a smartphone

According to the Scarborough Research (Scarborough USA+ Study, Release 1 2011), the following cities are among the top local markets for American internet-using adults who have visited newspaper websites in the past thirty days: New Orleans (53%), Boston (51%), Syracuse (50%), Philadelphia (44%) and Washington/San Francisco/New York (43%).

For more information at http://www.scarborough.com


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