May 02, 2009

Arbitron Inc. and Scarborough Research will release the results of their Teen Mall Shopping Attitude and Usage Study.

“Teens are a very interesting segment of our society and are known to be significant spenders in the mall. By and large, their habits and opinions on advertising in the mall are not available in as much detail as marketers would like,” said Jane Traub, senior vice president of research, Scarborough Research. “This study was designed to explore teen’s attitudes and opinions about shopping malls and the advertising within them.”

Additional topics will include the power of the mall as a medium to reach teens with advertising, the effect of the economy on the teen mall shopper, as well as the amount of time and money teens are spending at the mall, and how teens use the internet and other technology to find out about malls.

Some initial key findings include:

- 95 percent of teen mall shoppers notice any form of mall advertising

- 91 percent of teen mall shoppers notice poster display ads at the mall

- 68 percent of teen mall shoppers spend more than two hours at the mall

- Three-fourths of teen mall shoppers visit a specific mall store’s Web site

- 48 percent of teen mall shoppers are “Social Shoppers”; – shoppers who like to “browse, hang out with friends and possibly make a purchase.”

The survey of teen mall shoppers questioned 1,687 teens (ages 12-17) across the country. Jane Traub, Scarborough senior vice president of research, will present the findings.

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