April 27, 2009

CBS Outdoor has launched a text messaging (or SMS) capability for its advertisers' media campaigns. The program, called txt2go, will include a text keyword on advertiser signage that the public can use to access marketing messages
from the client, including special offers and promotions. The interactive feature enhances an advertiser's ability to connect with prospects and deliver messages with more relevance and a measurable ROI, in addition to building a long-term database of interested consumers.

"This is a win-win scenario for our clients," said Jodi Senese, Executive Vice President, Marketing, CBS Outdoor. "Out-of-home media have been choice marketing outlets for local businesses, and we are ramping up the effectiveness of our signage by giving our clients ways to further engage consumers with direct response messaging and compelling offers. More specifically, if someone is interested in a product or service advertised they can receive a coupon, free merchandise or another offer simply by texting in a short code, giving the company ongoing communication with an interested consumer."

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