March 12, 2005

Nielsen Monitor-Plus announced an enhancement in its outdoor advertising measurement service. Monitor-Plus has increased its number of cooperating outdoor companies and this expansion will bring the total number of markets measured to over 150, giving clients a more complete view of outdoor advertising.

According to Jack Sullivan, SVP, OOH Media Director, Starcom, “Nielsen has again demonstrated the importance of the outdoor medium through its ongoing commitment to provide clients with more robust information, and a better measure of this medium. We applaud Monitor-Plus for continuously enhancing its service by expanding the media measured.”

Jeff King, SVP & Managing Director, Monitor-Plus says, “This expansion reflects an approximate 60% increase in reported outdoor advertising revenue. We are delighted to make this enhanced capability available to our clients.”

The chart identifies the Top 15 Outdoor advertising markets. In 2004, these markets accounted for $1.86 billion in outdoor advertising spending, ranging from $379 million in New York to $56 million in Las Vegas. The bars on the chart represent the total amount of Outdoor advertising spending by market, while the plotted line shows Outdoor spending as a percent of total advertising dollars by market. Outdoor as a percent of total ad spend peaks in Orlando and Las Vegas, two popular tourist destinations with significant auto and foot traffic, affording access to Outdoor advertising.

Total spending for the Top 10 Outdoor Advertisers reached $288.9 million in 2004, accounting for approximately 10% of total Outdoor spending (see chart below). Anheuser-Busch was the largest Outdoor advertiser, spending $50.8 million in 2004. Miller Brewing, the other beer advertiser on this list, spent less than half of that with $21.8 million attributed to Outdoor ads. Two automotive companies ranked within the top 10 (Nissan and GM), as did two communications companies (Verizon and Nextel).

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