January 19, 2004

Wanda Padilla of La Voz Nueva and Dolores Sanchez of El Central Newspaper are the first women to join The National Association of Hispanic Publications Foundation board of directors.

"Is it really?" asked Sanchez when she learned that her and Padilla were the first women to join the Foundation board. "We are finally getting close to reality," said Foundation's Chairman Eddie Escobedo Sr., who is hopeful that as the Foundation grows, more female members will join the organization.

The most crucial area of attention in the Foundation is fund-raising, Sanchez said. "The purpose of the foundation is to bring money into organization for worthwhile causes. I am very interested in several of these causes such as the advanced education for Hispanic students and opportunities of job training. As a board member, I look forward to assist into these goals being met," said Sanchez.

Padilla, the publisher of La Voz Nueva, formerly known as La Voz Hispana de Colorado, also said that the Foundation should improve its fund-raising strategies. She also addressed her excitement to work with an organization that provides needed services such as the Hispanic Scholarship Program, designed to assist Hispanic students to get college education.

The nominations occurred on Jan. 27, 2004, when Sanchez and Padilla finally accepted the invitation from Escobedo. Padilla and Sanchez became full members of a board that includes Luis Rossi, vice-chairman; Kirk Whisler, secretary; Zeke Montes and Manuel Toro, both board members and Thomas Oliver, executive director and CEO.

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