May 05, 2001

Ford Focus has launched its online MixMaster on its website Now visitors can use the jam-making, house-quaking MixMaster turntables to create their own Detroit Techno music anytime.

The Focus MixMaster mirrors actual mixing equipment. The MixMaster console features two turntables, balance and cross-fading controls. Labels on the vinyl showcase changing Focus images.

"After extensive research, we have put together a fabulous MixMaster," said Bob Fesmire, Focus marketing manager. "The Focus online MixMaster celebrates Focus integration in the electronic music scene by giving aspiring DJs everywhere
the option to express themselves sonically."

The Focus MixMaster features eight different original tracks of renowned Detroit Techno artist, DJ Bone. The MixMaster
music-making console uses the latest in interactive audio and web technology. MixMaster DJs can even record and play back their electrosoul symphony once they've mastered the decks and found their distinctive MixMaster groove. MixMaster has a full set of instructions for the DJ just starting out.

MixMaster will be showcased in a kiosk at Club Focus at the Focus Detroit Electronic Music Festival and also at
Club Focus on the AREA:ONE 2001 Summer Music Festival featuring Moby one of the leaders of the electronic music environment.

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