May 11, 2001

KVEA-TV Channel 52, the O&O of Telemundo in Los Angeles, celebrates the first duopoly in the Los Angeles television market with the acquisition of KWHY-TV Channel 22.

Over 500 Telemundo supporters showed up to the elegant gathering at the breathtaking Wattles Mansion in the Hollywood Hills, Thursday June 7. Not only were Telemundo personalities present such as renowned sportscaster Jessie Losada, and news anchor Pedro Sevcec, but also KVEA local anchors, Vicente Calderon, Lucia Navarro, Eduardo Blancas, Mirthala Salinas, Sal Morales, Azalea Iniguez, Ruben Luengas, Mario Solis, and Mauricio Cardenas.

Many stars also showed up to add to the sizzle including: Matt Cedeno (Days of our Lives), Cristian de la Fuente (CBS's Family Law and former star of Reyes y Rey), Joyce Giraud (Miss Puerto Rico), Mia St. John (Female Feather Weight Champion), Wilmer Valderama (That 70's Show), Jose Solano (Bay Watch), Alex Padilla (Los Angeles Councilman), and many more.

The theme of the party was a Mexican Wedding, which included a popular cigar bar, and entertainment by the famous Mariachi Sol de Mexico. There was a five layer wedding cake that was cut and served following the presentation by Telemundo CEO Jim McNamara, and Vice President/General Manager of both stations, Fernando Lopez.

It was announced that each station would remain a separate entity on-air and would embrace the best of all Latino worlds including the best programming from Mexico, and Latin America, with future US productions and acquisitions in the works.

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