December 22, 2000

Greenfield Online Mexico, a full-service online marketing research company based in Mexico City that specializes in using the Internet to conduct its studies, announces that they have formed a strategic partnership with El Sitio Mexico.

A vigorous campaign of banner advertising and pop-up site intercept windows has been used on the El Sitio Mexico site (, to attract members of the El Sitio Web community for participation in the Greenfield Online Mexico consumer panel. These panelists will participate in future online surveys that will provide insights into the habits, attitudes, and activities of Mexican consumers.

Greenfield Online Mexico is a division of Greenfield Online, a leading provider of Internet-based survey research in the U.S. El Sitio Mexico is one of the most heavily visited sites in Mexico with more than 90,000 daily visits.

"Teaming up with one of the most powerful Internet portals in Mexico will assure our success as we strive to bring leading-edge online Mexican consumers together so their views can be heard by manufacturers, service providers, retailers, agencies and advertisers," said Liz Paul, Director for Client Development for Greenfield Online Mexico. She added that the alliance will enable El Sitio Mexico to survey its users through Greenfield Online Mexico and thereby also enable the portal to better understand the specific Internet needs of their subscribers.

"Doing market research online allows us to fully utilize one of the principal assets of the Internet, which is to virtually meet and understand the person on the other side of the computer screen. Additionally, via our alliance with Greenfield Online Mexico we have been able to better understand the Internet habits of the El Sitio Mexico online community. With these learnings, we have been able to further specialize our products to our users online needs and demands," commented Manuel Blanco, General Manager El Sitio Mexico.

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