December 18, 2000

Promises, promises, promises...It's a new year and Americans are, once again, resolving to make things better. According to Simmons' National Consumer Survey (NCS), some of the most popular New Year's resolutions are going on a diet, saving money and quitting smoking. Simmons' National Consumer Survey, which polls 33,000 adults nationwide, gives the inside scoop on the personal goals and challenges facing Americans this year:

Shedding Pounds

52 million Americas (more than a quarter of adults) are on a diet, with females being 75 percent more likely than males to diet.

Two-thirds of these dieters are attempting to lose weight, while one in five (18%) are simply trying to maintain their current weight.

Although 35 percent of the population say they already exercise regularly, more than six in ten believe that they should exercise more.

To their credit, six in ten say they try to eat healthier foods these days.

Filling up the Piggy Bank

A whopping 49 million Americans (one quarter of adults) say they are not good at saving money, with women slightly more likely (6 percent) than men to agree.

Only three in ten consumers say they feel financially secure.

Most people are at least money-conscious, with less than one-quarter spending money freely without thinking.

Tossing the Butts

The bad news: one quarter of Americans still indulge in cigarette smoking, with men 13 percent more likely than women to light up.

The good news: 23 million people are trying to stop smoking.

Just under half of all smokers in the U.S. attempted to quit during the past year. The most common methods used were going "cold turkey" (53 percent) and the nicotine patch (23 percent).
Believe it or not, some brave souls (two million adults, in fact) tackled all three resolutions at once last year. They were determined to go on a diet, stop smoking and stock pile the money in one fell swoop. We're not sure if they accomplished their goals. But, this year, we say good luck to all...and here's to a leaner, healthier, richer America.

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