April 21, 2001

Univision Communications Inc. released a study conducted by Applied Research & Consulting LLC (ARC) analyzing the habits and preferences of Hispanic Teens. Applied Research & Consulting is one of the nation's leading independent research firms.

Key Findings of the ARC Study:

-- Overall, the study found that Hispanic Teens embrace their culture and express their roots daily.

-- Hispanic Teens view Hispanic family and culture positively and see Latino culture as cool and hip.

-- The survey found that Teens' traditional Hispanic identity is closely associated with the family and home, where they watch at least one hour of Spanish-language television per day - Univision being the preferred choice.

-- Three quarters of the participants speak or understand Spanish very well or fairly well, and more than half of the
participants speak Spanish with parents and relatives.

-- Hispanic Teens' favorite artists demonstrate a strong "cross-over" appeal, highlighting Hispanic Teens' desire to
positively blend their Hispanic/American lives without surrendering their culture.

-- It was also found that "Hispanic" is by far the preferred self-descriptive term when selecting from a list including "American" and "Latino/a" or specifying country of origin.

Commenting of the findings, Ray Rodriguez, President of the Network stated, "Univision has worked exceptionally hard to provide the quality entertainment Hispanic Teens have demanded. This study demonstrates the success of our efforts and also the strength of the Hispanic teen demographic - one that has been traditionally underserved by other major networks. As this year's Upfront will show, Univision will enhance its appeal to the strong teen demographic through unparalleled coverage of their favorite artists with strong crossover appeal, the best sporting programs on Spanish-language television today and original programming that Hispanics identify with so strongly."

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