December 15, 2001

Why grow up, when TeleFutura makes being a kid so much fun? That’s because seven days a week the network will feature an exciting variety of Spanish-language children’s shows that will entertain, educate and create fantasy in a way that admirably remains true to what television was designed for. Teens also play a major part in TeleFutura’s programming on Saturdays and Sundays as the network will present an awesome assortment of movies and a thrilling music show that gives teenagers more than one reason to stay home on the weekend.

Hispanic children will rise every morning to the adventures and surprises that unfold during “Mi Tele,” (“My T.V.”) a two-hour cartoon block that will amuse, inform, and in general delight its young viewers. Every Monday through Friday from 7:00 AM/6 Central to 9:00 AM/8 Central, children will experience an unbeatable selection of top-quality Spanish-language cartoons, including “Fantaghiro,” a mystical animated series set in the Middle Ages that features everything from princesses, to knights, to enchanting fairies. There’s also “El Nuevo Mundo de los Gnomos,” (“The New World of the Gnomes”) a wonderful journey into the world of gnomes, where saving endangered species and protected lands is a main theme.

On both days of the weekend, kids will discover a double dose of enjoyment as TeleFutura presents two consecutive children’s blocks: “Toonturama Junior,” which airs at 7:00 AM/6 Central, followed by “Toonturama” at 9:00 AM/8 Central. The first of these consists of four half-hour cartoons presenting a variety of colorful characters ranging from a lovable newt that incredibly changes size, to four stylish heroines in “Super Models.” But that’s not all, two more hours of fantasy follow as children’s imaginations run wild with such animated series’ as “Cadillacs and Dinosaurs,” a mind-blowing time travel adventure into the 26th century, where the ancient past and the distant future collide, and “Mythic Warriors,” an enlightening look at the classic tales of Greek mythology.

Not to be left out from all the entertainment are those fun-loving teenagers. That’s why TeleFutura will offer them every Saturday and Sunday, starting at 11:00 AM/ 10 Central, “Cineplex” a unique movie block targeted to Hispanic young adults that will present Hollywood’s most popular flicks – featuring such classic teen idols as Molly Ringwald, John Cusak and Emilio Estevez -- entirely in Spanish. Coming-of-age never looked better than on weekends on TeleFutura.

On Saturdays and Sundays from 1:00 PM/12 Central, teenagers continue to be top priority as TeleFutura presents “La Cartelera Pepsi” (“The Pepsi Charts”), a musically charged dance party show that will feature live musical performances from today’s hottest Latin artists as well as the countdown of the week’s most popular hits and videos. Hip, happening, and totally in tune with teenagers, the only thing parents will have to worry about with this show is controlling the television volume.


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