November 17, 2002

Univision premieres the limited-run drama series 'Entre el Amor y el Odio' (Between Love and Hate) on Monday, January 6, 2003 at 9 pm. This intense story of devotion and hatred will air weekdays from 9 pm to 10 pm ET/PT (8 pm to 9 pm Central/Mountain Time) and reveal Octavio's (César Évora) and Ana Cristina's (Susana González) sincere yet conflictive love affair that leads them to a life of unsettling confrontations.

Produced by Televisa's Salvador Mejía Alejandre and featuring an impressive cast, 'Entre el Amor y el Odio' has been a phenomenal hit in Mexico and promises to repeat that success among Hispanic viewers in the U.S.

The Story: Although Octavio, a hot blooded, virile man, blames his uncle Don Fernando (Joaquín Cordero) with his father's ruin and death and his separation from Frida (Sabine Moussier), the woman he once loved, Octavio
nonetheless returns to his hometown to attend his uncle's funeral. Here he meets Ana Cristina for the first time.

Although Octavio and Ana Cristina feel an immediate attraction, Marcial (Alberto Estrella), the malicious and corrupt administrator of Don Fernando's shoe factory who wants to take over the family business, begins to taint Octavio's perceptions into believing that Ana Cristina used her youth and beauty to seduce Don Fernando with the hopes of obtaining part of his fortune. Octavio believes that Marcial's allegations are confirmed when his uncle's will is revealed: he can only become heir to his uncle's fortune and estate if he marries Ana Cristina!

Frida, Octavio's former fiancée, is not the sweet and sensible woman Octavio imagines; instead, she is cold and calculated and only interested in money. When Frida, Marcial's current lover, is informed of Octavio's unexpected inheritance, she returns to Octavio's side and convinces him to marry Ana Cristina, assuring him that a woman as insignificant as Ana Cristina will not stand in the way of their love.

Ana Cristina's "grandfather", truly her adoptive father, convinces her to marry Octavio in order to fulfill Don Fernando's final wish. As fate would have it, Octavio and Ana Cristina are married and begin a life of violent and discontented confrontations that leads to an intense struggle of determination. Can Octavio and Ana Cristina overcome the malicious deceptions that surround them and find true love?

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