January 07, 2001

Hispanic Television Network, Inc. (HTVN) announced that James A. Ryffel, founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors will become Interim CEO of the company. Mr. Ryffel replaces Marco Camacho who served as CEO since February 2000.

"We have a tremendous opportunity before us that is just now being recognized by the investment community," stated Mr. Ryffel. "Corporate advertisers, advertising agencies, affiliates, satellite systems, and even cable carriers across the United States have begun to recognize that HTVN is a preferred alternative in Spanish-language broadcasting."

"Having Jim Ryffel take the reigns in the interim is an enormous boost to this company. The combined assets of Ryffel's ability to negotiate and strategize along with his leadership provides HTVN's management with the support they need to execute on the opportunity before them," said HTVN's media spokesperson.

HTVN is currently evaluating several contemplated strategic alternatives to rapidly move the company forward in its business plan. "We hope to announce in the near future our moves to solidify and expand our position in the market," said Ryffel.

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