December 11, 2000

TVB's in-depth analysis of the impact of television advertising on political elections, including current and historical data.

In a Presidential election year, TV stations historically received between 70% and 85% of the political advertising dollars placed on broadcast television. In 1996 that figure rose to 92%. During a congressional election year when one-third of the Senate, all of the House of Representatives and about three-quarters of the Governors are elected, the television stations receive 100% of the political broadcast ad dollars.

Add to these facts that in 1998, a non-presidential year, TV stations posted a total of $500 million in political activity, eclipsing 1996's Presidential year figure of $400 million. TVB forecasts that stations will reach $650 million in 2000. An additional $15 million is expected to be placed on network TV, putting the total at $665 million.

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