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Everything I know about marketing I learned from the Material Girl.

   I'm sure by now everyone has read about how the Latino population in California is reaching parity with the Anglo population.  And while the Asian population increased at a higher rate since the last Census, the Lati

As many of you are aware, there is a movement in Washington DC to de-fund National Public Radio (NPR).

   As the Census figures on Hispanic keep trickling in, there's one phrase that will continue to bring consternation to Hispanic marketing professionals and Spanish-language media execs: "but I don't speak Spanish."

By Henry Gomez - Director of Strategic Insights - Alma DDB

By Ralph E. Herrera is President of Lanza Group, LLC

    I have taken a stand many times when industry professionals continued to position Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Marketing as the only strategy that would finally help elevate the marketing to multi-ethnic consumer

    2010 was not a stellar year for the Hispanic Advertising or Media business, but for sure it was much better than 2009. Like every year though, some did better than others in 2010.

  Mr. Jose Villa over the last couple of years, you have embarked on a journey through several trade journals to predict the demise of the current state of the US Hispanic Ad Industry.

  By E. Turégano

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I have a situation I would like to place on this Blog to get your feedback on.

Imagine this scenario:

   US Census Bureau released the new total US population figure for the 2010 Census of 308,745,538 as of 4/1/2010.

      By Jose Cancela

    A couple of weeks ago I finally parked myself at the Richard Rodgers Theater on Broadway to see "In the Heights," the Tony award-winning musical written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, about New York's Nuyorican and Dominican ne

    By Miguel Gomez Winebrenner / Cheskin