September 13, 2018

AIRE Radio Networks, the official radio network of Spanish Broadcasting System, Inc. ("SBS") announced the September launch of 'La Mezcla con Alex Sensation', the first syndicated radio program ever hosted by Alex Sensation.

"Alex Sensation is one of the most prevailing music DJs and artists in the Hispanic market today and it is only fitting that we showcase his undeniable talent on a national platform making it readily available to audiences nationwide," stated Elisa Torres, EVP, National and Network.

The two-hour radio show will be comprised of Alex Sensation's top music mix of the week, which includes a medley of Latin and popular music genres. The show is set to premiere in the following markets as part of the first phase of its syndication:

  •     Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  •     Tampa, Florida
  •     West Palm Beach, Florida
  •     Minneapolis, Minnesota
  •     Providence, Rhode Island
  •     Hartford, Connecticut
  •     Greenville, South Carolina
  •     Springfield, Connecticut
  •     New Haven Connecticut
  •     Meriden, Connecticut
  •     Waterbury, Connecticut
  •     Richmond, Virginia
  •     Raleigh, North Carolina
  •     Indianapolis, Indiana
  •     San Angelo, TX
  •     Tulsa, Oklahoma


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