March 15, 2019

Are marketers and advertisers still gun-shy about placing a media buy with a regional Mexican station, given the "sexiness" of reggaetón and "trap" artists and the global pop stars more universally known by CMOs and brand managers? Not in California.

"Regional Mexican is the perfect brand for the Central Valley," notes Gerardo Martinez, GM of Lazer Broadcasting's properties in the northern San Joaquin Valley and in Reno, Nevada. "Regional Mexican is going to continue in these markets because of not only what these artists represent but also what the lyrics mean."

Wrapping around multiple demographics, Regional Mexican is much like Country, and has evolved and splintered, with a classic format airing in some Lazer markets. Then, there is a ranchera-focused format.

What can a media company looking to grow revenue and ratings by launching a Spanish-language radio station in their market learn from Martinez? Find out in this Hispanic Radio Podcast recorded live at the Hispanic Radio Conference in Miami with RBR+TVBR Editor-in-Chief Adam R Jacobson.

To listen to podcast, CLICK HERE.


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