October 23, 2013

Hispanic Millennial Dads are very involved with their kids - and always on high alert for risk, according to Tr3s's 2012 study, “Hispanic 18-34s Living the 'Next Normal.'” Together with their partners, they are Fortress Keepers, working hard to control their children's environment and keep their kids safe. They trust their children with a very small circle of people. And they want to communicate openly with their kids so they can protect them more effectively.

Tr3s's study recognized that Hispanic dads are behaving differently from their own fathers - and another recent study also focuses on the changing role of fathers. In May CEB Iconoculture released a study called “D4: The Four Dads You Need to Know Now,” which analyzed fathers of all ages with kids under 18 to illustrate four new dad segments.  The two types that are most likely to be Millennials are Achievers and Socializers:

Achievers (25% of total dads, 27% of Hispanic dads)

o    Age: Youngest dad segment (40% Millennial, 48% Xer)
o    What's he like? Affluent, educated, and dual focus on career and parenting; takes kids on trips -- museums, art exhibits, lectures, camping, fishing, hiking, hunting.
o    Education: The most educated (46% college educated)
o    Household Income: The most affluent (56% over $60,000 , 28% over $100,000)
o    Marital Status: Most likely to be married (89% coupled, 77% married)
o    Dual Income? He and partner are most likely to both work full-time (35%)
o    Kids' Age: Younger (48% have kids under 6 and 50% have kids 7 to 12)
o    Housework Participation: 16% spend 10+ hours a week on cooking/cleaning/chores
o    Role at Home: Household money management (retirement planning, groceries, car purchase decisions)
o    Key Categories: Tech, automotive, grocery

Socializers (23% of total dads, 26% of Hispanic dads)

o    Age: A mix (38% Millennial, 32% Xer, 30% Boomer)
o    What's he like? Highly socially and physically active, activity-focused, enjoys hanging out with family and friends. Home entertaining and playing sports are important.
o    Education: 42% college-educated
o    Household Income: Also a mix (29% under $40,000, 34% over $60,000)
o    Marital Status: Largest proportion of single dads (19%), 65% are married
o    Dual Income? 48% in dual-income houses, for 30% both parents work full-time
o    Kids' Age: School-age (56% have kids 7 to 12, 43% have kids under 6)
o    Housework Participation: 11% spend at least 10 hours a week on cooking/cleaning/chores
o    Role at Home: Plans family leisure time and social activities
o    Key Categories: Health and wellness, leisure, grocery

The other two dads skew outside the Millennial demographic:

o    Blenders (27% of total dads, 26% of Hispanic dads) are X-er dominant and most likely to be parenting solo or in a blended family. They have younger kids, are more likely than the other types to be remarried, and skew less educated and less affluent. These dads are active and cooperative housework participants who share tasks with their partner and/or other trusted people. Grocery and consumer packaged goods are key categories.

o    Providers (25% of total dads, 21% of Hispanic dads) are the oldest segment, with 43% Boomers and 78% Xer or older. Nearly 6 in 10 have teens. These dads are breadwinners who take on traditionally male household roles and spend time on home improvement/gardening/yard projects, as well as DIY home repairs and renovations. They are 40% college-educated and moderately affluent. Key categories for this group are home and garden, as well as financial services.

Source: Tr3s 2012 “Hispanic 18-34s Living the 'Next Normal'”, CEB Iconoculture, “D4: The Four Dads You Need To Know Now”


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