December 20, 2013

La Impostora will premiere on Tuesday, January 14 at 8pm/7c on Telemundo.  Starring Christian Bach, Sebastián Zurita and Lisette Morelos, this beautiful and unforgettable story follows the fate of Blanca Guerrero (Morelos), a lovely young waitress in a beach town on Mexico’s Pacific coast who has an extraordinary ability to imitate other people.  A powerful Mexican businessman, Adriano Ferrer (Manuel Landeta), notices her talent and hires her to impersonate a millionaire New York investor.  Blanca accepts the challenge, never dreaming that living a lie will lead her to true love.  Filmed in high definition by Telemundo Studios, the telenovela is set in locations around Mexico, including the world-famous beaches of Acapulco, Guerrero.

This epic story of love, intrigue, thrills and all-too-real situations is Sebastián Zurita’s first production for Telemundo as well as his first appearance in a telenovela alongside his famous mother, acclaimed actress Christian Bach.

"La Impostora" is Bach’s second project with Telemundo following her role as the villainess Antonia Guerra on “La Patrona.”  For Lissette Morelos, the production is a chance to play the lead after her appearance as Blanca Ponce de León in “Aurora.”

The cast of "La Impostora" also includes Manuel Landeta, Jonathan Islas, Mauricio Henao, Begoña Narváez, Alpha Acosta, Juan José Pucheta, Julieta Grajales, Mariano Palacios, Rene García, Lupita Sandoval, Héctor Calderón, Néstor Rodulfo, Sandra Benhumea, Rocío Vázquez, Ricardo Sevilla, Mimí Morales, Armando Silvestre, Socorro de la Campa, Paco Mauri, Eligio Meléndez, Javier Lazcano, Uriel del Toro, Edgar Iván Delgado, Sam García, Elsa Amezaga, Simone Victoria, Macarena de la Oz and Mossy Santini.


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