May 31, 2019

What started two years ago as Horowitz’s groundbreaking segmentation of the TV viewing universe has morphed into six distinct, nuanced groups in 2019, thanks to the arrival of vMVPDs in the marketplace and the rediscovery of antennas among younger, leading-edge consumers.

In 2017, Horowitz identified three key viewing segments: 5 O’Clock Diners™, who watch only through traditional TV, Content Omnivores™, who watch both traditional and streamed content, and Content Paleos™, who watch only streamed content. The 2019 edition of State of Viewing & Streaming by Horowitz explores six segments. The segments are defined by share of viewing time across traditional (live via MVPD/antenna, DVR, and VOD) and streamed platforms, usage of antennas, and subscription to vMVPDs.

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