January 24, 2019

Adsmovil announced the launch of its audience data platform, ‘Adsmovil Personas,’ which will allow brands and agencies to target U.S. Hispanic audiences via decoupled data from their preferred DSPs at scale.

The platform allows brands to customize U.S. Hispanic audiences by leveraging enriched profiles with more than 500+ data points from partners that provide transactional, location, and behavioral data (including Kantar, Shopcom, AmeriLink among others). These newly created audiences can be distributed to preferred DSPs in a matter of minutes.

“One of the biggest drawbacks that we see in the market is the technique used to identify U.S. Hispanic audiences since in most cases the approach is probabilistic based on merely census data and language browser settings. Our approach is fully deterministic based on the publishers the user is visiting, the frequency, and the time spent,” says Alberto Pardo "Banano,” CEO of Adsmovil.

 “We’ve had numerous requests from trade desks if we can decouple our data from media and there are many competitors in our space that can only offer probabilistic data via media campaigns. Our data product launch is the first of its kind in the U.S. Hispanic space and we’re very excited to offer true, enriched profiles at scale to our brand and agency partners,”  says Andrew Polsky, CRO for Adsmovil.


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