Since 2009, ALSAC, the fundraising and awareness organization for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, has led an effort to improve diversity and inclusion across its locations. The Memphis-based nonprofit's leaders conduct regular employee surveys and focus groups, and they have established "business resource groups" they call BRGs, that bring together staff from underrepresented populations to help with recruitment, retention, and community relations. ALSAC managers receive regular training on diversity and inclusion, and division heads work with human resources to measure progress.

We hear a lot in the news these days about how big companies are both challenged by and responding to the threat from start-ups. In many cases, start-ups are lauded as more consumer-focused and agile. As a result, big companies have set up small units designed to mimic the start-up model, but is this truly a recipe for success?   by Phil Sutcliffe - UK Board Director / Kantar

Talk about brain waves. Emotions, of course, are neurohormones, chains of amino acids produced mainly in the hypothalamus to carry messages throughout the brain and the rest of the body. It takes about six seconds to synthesize a human emotion, according to the neuroscientists at, a nonprofit organization that promotes "emotional intelligence." Each chemical burst lasts between four to seven seconds, from the time it's produced until it's completely broken down and absorbed.

Will the sports industry be filled with golden opportunities during an Olympic year? Deloitte’s US sports leader Pete Giorgio gives his play-by-play of the biggest trends shaping up for 2020.

Insights from a new CMO study of more than 400 marketing organizations across the globe illuminate how top CMOs and companies are organizing and operationalizing their marketing functions to succeed in today’s disruptive business climate while providing a roadmap for critical planning and decision-making needed to ready and evolve modern marketing organizations for the future. relaunches February 10 with a more viewer-friendly redesign, revamped content and a renewed commitment to chronicling the growing presence and strong contributions of Latinos in the Major Leagues, the Caribbean and beyond.

Many of the historic artifacts at The Clemente Museum in Pittsburgh honoring the late Hall of Famer and Pirates icon Roberto Clemente will be on display at the Sports Museum of Puerto Rico (Museo del Deporte de Puerto Rico) in Guaynabo, P.R., from February 21 to April 30, 2020.

Even though Hispanics over-index on the usage of many products and services, and even though they demonstrate higher Lifetime Value, the market does not command marketing shares of budget commensurate to its share of the population.  US Hispanic ad spend is at 6% of the total US ad spend, while comprising 20% of the market and even more across key demographics.  Why is that?

The ANA’s Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM) released key findings from its second Cultural Insights Impact Measure™ (CIIM™) study, its first-ever focusing on how the role of culture impacts audience’s view of television programming. Learnings demonstrated that greater cultural relevancy drives +19% higher net likeability for shows; the CIIM™ score is 27 points higher for Hispanics in endemic (networks with 85%+ multicultural audiences) vs. non-endemic networks (networks targeting all segments).

There are countless ways in which the internet and e-commerce have transformed the way brands do business. Yet despite the relative commonness of online shopping today, many brands still have questions about how to best adapt their innovation strategies for the digital age. It should go without saying, but launching a product in a physical environment is not the same as doing so online. Yet as intuitive as the statement is, many brands are exploring their options as they seek the best route for succeeding online.

Estrella Media, Inc announced the appointment of radio veteran Eddie León, as executive vice president, Radio Programming effective immediately.

Cacique Inc. announced it has named award-winning agency GALLEGOS United as its agency of record (AOR) for advertising. GALLEGOS United will be Cacique's lead agency driving overall brand strategy, creative development across all media channels & social media. The agency's work on behalf of the brand is expected to begin immediately.

Nielsen and Entravision announced an agreement under which Nielsen will provide a comprehensive suite of measurement services for all of Entravision’s local television stations, which will include: Local TV ratings, Nielsen Local TV View, audio ratings, and digital ad ratings for their 22-market footprint.

A new age of media is upon us. As a number of powerful media companies enter the streaming video marketplace in a very big way, choice in this promising arena has never been greater. The clamor to get involved in the streaming boom is certainly growing louder, but when it comes to determining successes and failures, the consumer is the ultimate decider.

The cookie-less future is barreling down upon our industry. Project Rearc seeks to rearchitect digital marketing to drive our industry forward while aligning the interests of consumers, businesses, and governments.