The Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC) announced its 2019 Hispanic Market Guide, the most comprehensive resource on the U.S. Hispanic market, is now available to download.

2020 ends the ‘General market era' glorified by Madison Ave. where my career started, and Minority-Majority is officially an oxymoron. The states driving our economy are already majority-Multicultural, Gen Z will be in 2020, Millennials by 2025, Gen X before 2030, the U.S. by 2040. Over half of all USA HHs today are Multicultural or mixed races, over half of Hispanics under age 29, over half of Blacks grew up as digital natives, and Asians are the most affluent and educated of any racial group with $110K average HH income. The Census will only reinforce the urgency of revisioning these high value super-consumers who will account for $4.2T buying power next year and all future growth, while Non-Hispanic-Whites decline at an accelerated rate as deaths exceed births, putting brands that don’t do proper Multicultural marketing at risk.  By Liz Castells-Heard, CEO & Chief Strategy Officer, INFUSION

Hiring an advertising agency is an art. No matter how scientific one is during a search process, there is always a significant degree of subjectivity associated with it. This is especially true when hiring a segment agency, where one may not be a subject matter expert.  By Isaac Mizrahi - Co-President of ALMA

This year was chockful of defining moments. From ongoing trade disputes with China and political unrest, to legalized marijuana and online privacy concerns. In our final report of the year, 2019 Defining Moments: Insights Into Culture and Authenticity™, we highlight trends in consumer sentiment, purchase behavior, and digital media use, and explore the impact culture has on these trends. We’ve combined these insights into a brief narrative of Total Market consumer behavior over the last twelve months and marketing predictions for 2020.

HispanicAd in association with Adam R Jacobson are proud to announce the availability of the 2019 Hispanic Market Thought Leaders (previously Hispanic CMO) for our readers.  Curated by Gilbert Davila, President/CEO, Dávila Multicultural Insights and Chairman of the Association of National Advertisers Multicultural Conference and Alliance for Inclusive and Multicultural Marketing (AIMM).

What makes someone a growth leader? In conversations we’ve had with business leaders, the answer tends to boil down to a variation of “I know it when I see it.” But it turns out that there is a specific set of attributes that growth leaders share.

In 2018, 13.6% of counties had a statistically significant increase in median household income compared with 2007, the year before the most recent recession, while 5.5% had a statistically significant decrease, according to data released by the Census Bureau.

An estimated 192 million U.S. consumers – or 70% of Americans ages 13-to-64 – are gamers, demonstrating massive appeal among consumers for the gaming industry, according to a new Consumer Technology Association (CTA)® study. While traditional gaming platforms still hold strong interest, the emergence of live game streaming services is revolutionizing gaming into a connected and social experience.

Nielsen announced that Sandra Sims-Williams will join the company as Senior Vice President of Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), beginning January, 2020. In this role, Ms. Sims-Williams will lead Nielsen's D&I strategy and teams for both the Media and Connect sides of the business, through Nielsen's transition into two independent, publicly traded companies.

When a popular trend takes a market by storm, it’s tough to not want to go all in on it. There is, however, something to be said for having too much of a good thing. And in many ways, having too much of a good thing can actually have a negative effect on category sales.

The advertising industry has come a long way from newspapers, magazines, flyers and mailers. With the entry of the internet era in the 90s, advertising initiatives expanded to web banners, click campaigns, and search engine results. The ability to reach consumers further advanced with cell phone and tablet technologies, enabling even easier access to social media, with mobile internet plus push notification marketing.

In a new report, Generation Alpha – children born after 2010 – identified all people being treated fairly no matter what they look like as one of the top issues they care about in today’s world. In fact, across the board, the report revealed Generation Alpha cares more about all issues than their Millennial and Baby Boomer parents did when they were kids, or even than they do now.

US Ad Market remains strong, but rest of the world slows down.

In today’s age of screen-based multitasking, the convergence of TV and social media is creating new experiences for audiences. Marketers, brands, media owners and, increasingly, savvy talent themselves, looking to capitalize on an oft-engaged and connected viewer have an impetus to understand the power of influence as a way to sway consumers.

The days of one or two great ads playing to the masses on a single channel are over. Today, many ads go to a dizzying array of screens and devices. It's no wonder that marketing teams and their field and agency partners are struggling to keep track with simple spreadsheets. Wrangling brand stories and keeping track of who has permission to touch them, prepare them, tag them, and, ultimately, play them according to strict guidelines covering talent and rights terms is a high-stakes game that calls for a sophisticated, intuitive, and collaborative solution.