Digital marketing agency The Story Room announced today that it will handle brand strategy and digital marketing services for the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup, the continental championship that will be played throughout July in 14 venues across the United States.

The use of labor-based fees and performance incentives by marketers is decreasing as advertisers look to simplify their agency compensation practices, according to a new report by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers).

  By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc /

  • It was common practice in Madison Avenue well into the 00s to give every employee their own office.
  • Not only senior execs, some mid-level and junior ones got one too.

For years, agencies worked as "agents" when buying media for their clients. As agents, agencies looked out for the best interests of their clients and negotiated the best media rates. Today, many agencies are acting as "principals" rather than agents. In a principal relationship the agency may or may not be looking out for the best interests of their clients; and it's possible (even likely) that the agency is putting its own interests ahead of the client. Hence the line we have heard from ANA members — "Is my agency working for me or itself?"   By Bill Duggan, Group EVP, ANA

The Atrévete “Mega Dares” campaign, from GALLEGOS United, seeks to create new nontraditional occasions for consumers to drink milk by daring them to try unexpected food and milk pairings with an additional twist – such as a wind turbine. In one digital spot people attempt to eat spicy Korean tacos and drink a glass of milk while standing in front of a wind turbine generating 39 mph winds.

Clio Sports recently announced the 2017 Sports Marketing Award winners honoring Austin-based LatinWorks with four awards for their campaign with Major League Baseball (MLB) #PonleAcento (Put An Accent On It).

The industry road that ad agencies are wandering down is about to narrow. Sooner or later, agencies will find themselves at a fork that is less like a choice and more like an inevitably. The fork will not involve a 50-50 choice. Heads to the left; tails to the right? No; it's not that kind of fork. The choice will be between the High Road, to the left, and the Low Road to the right.  By Michael Farmer / Madison Avenue Manslaughter Archives

Ad agencies have had a tough time for the past decade. Reduced retainers. Disappearing AOR relationships, as clients expanded their portfolios of agencies. Inflating Scopes of Work, straining the capabilities of agencies' downsized and juniorized staffs.  By Michael Farmer - Madison Avenue Manslaughter

Defying the global consolidation and absorption trends, and showing consistent market growth and sustainability, d expósito & Partners celebrates this week twelve years since its inception as an independent shop, created by Daisy Expósito-Ulla and a group of pioneering partners. The agency was founded May 5th, 2005.

Chick-fil-A is announcing a new partnership with an advertising agency focusing on the Hispanic Market, Gallegos United. Gallegos joins the brand’s roster of advertising agencies, including McCann and Starcom.

"Watch out! They are coming!" reported The Drum when Accenture and Deloitte appeared on the pitch list for Nissan-Renault's global account review. They are "spreading their tentacles, seduced by marketing services!"  By Michael Farmer - Madison Avenue Manslaughter

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, there was a simple marketing world.

Global brands are improving their ability to brief for integrated communications but some familiar failings remain, according to a new survey from the WFA. The results indicate that while many advertisers have improved their briefing there is still work to do on lack of alignment, clarity and timing.

BARÚ announced the hire of Jeremy Epstein as its new Associate Digital Director.

Casanova // McCann recently produced a TV spot for the launch of the California Lottery’s Super Ticket, which boasts the biggest jackpot prize in the State’s history.