A frequent question I hear from senior global marketers is, "how can I maximise ad transference?" It's a sensible question. As zero-based budgeting grows in popularity, the opportunity to save costs by producing one ad that can be used in many countries is compelling. But there is the risk that making an ad work across multiple countries may not be the best way to maximise ROI.

The International Creativity Festival El Ojo de Iberoamérica that will take place in November in Buenos Aires, launched a courageous campaign for the final deadline for entries. Leaded by the already claimed Fighting Cholita, ChinChin, the ad uses a current issue as it is the threat of creating a wall to separate Latin, pushing them away and diminishing the creative potential that comes with diversity.

Orcí received an Imagen Award in the Best On-Air Advertising category.

The National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) announced the winners of its Excellence in Multicultural Marketing Awards (EMMA). Presented in conjunction with the Annual NAMIC Conference, the competition recognizes excellence in marketing efforts designed to attract and retain culturally diverse audiences and customers among African American, Asian, Hispanic, LGBTQ and other market segments.

The Ram truck brand launches a new Spanish-language multicultural and multinational campaign this week celebrating hard working people who are their own bosses and get the job done day after day.

The XIX edition of The International Festival of Creativity El Ojo de Iberoamérica presents once again the award for The Best Latin Idea for the World. Directed to Ibero-American professionals working for global brands across international companies, all interested in participating have time to enter their best ideas until September 15th.

This is what advertising music means today: Instead of jingles, we have singles. The Atlantic takes an in-depth look at the cultural trends that have killed one of advertising’s most important legacies: the commercial jingle.

Segura Viudas’ ad agency of record, República, created the campaign’s anthem video, which features an original track by Lunoe entitled “Sip It” that mixes the alluring sounds of Cava --  from the unwrapping of the foil and popping of the cork to the pouring of the Cava itself -- with Lunoe’s musical innovation and pure sonic power.

Circus led by Bruno Lambertini, Ignacio Liaudat and Luis Alonso announced the addition of Federico Durán to the Los Angeles office joining the team as Executive Creative Director.

It is imperative that marketing leaders understand their role in driving change toward a new content production strategy.  By Jillian Gibbs, ANA Faculty

It is imperative that marketing leaders understand their role in driving change toward a new content production strategy.  By Jillian Gibbs, ANA Faculty

Historically, advertising production has followed a very traditional path: A marketer hires an agency of record; then that agency hires a production company to oversee the production of a master asset, as well as the post production, versioning, and adaptations, all with a single point of contact from the brand.  With the evolution of global content production needs, many marketers have found alternative solutions to this process. Often these solutions involve a transcreation house that is able to address emerging markets and provide consistency, transparency of spend, speed to market, and lower costs.  By Jillian Gibbs, ANA Faculty

In an innovative effort to increase brand awareness among U.S. Hispanics, the iconic 50+ giant AARP has launched a new, multi-generational and upbeat Spanish-language brand campaign, a national 360° multi-channel approach under the umbrella message: “Dedicarte a ti es hacer más por tu familia” (Doing more for yourself helps you do more for your family).

Norbi Zylberberg launched Socialisssima, a new start-up mindset agency based in Austin and focus on the multicultural market in the US.

Based on the importance and frequency of agency reviews, we created a short survey for client leaders in marketing and procurement and agency leaders to give a sounding board for what’s good and less good in the new business process.