Grupo Gallegos announced that it has been named creative agency for Coronado Brewing Co., a San Diego-based brewery that continues to define West Coast craft beer.

Joash Brunet and artist and designer Kedgar Volta announced hey have launched Castaño Group, a new content production company specializing in immersive, interactive and multicultural audience experiences in a variety of broadcast, digital and physical formats.

Among all the difficult tasks that face modern marketers, writing an effective creative brief has to be near the top of the list. Creative briefs need to synthesize complex ideas into clear direction that focuses the creative team on the job to be done.  By Jane Maas, ANA Faculty

By Gonzalo López Martí    - Creative director, etc. /  

  • Your garden variety advertising creative has enemies aplenty.
  • Real and imaginary.

The multiplatform campaign appeals to the brand's expanding market of Hispanic customers and will launch with the Ridgeline's official sponsorship of the Univision Deportes' broadcast of "Campeón de Campeones"

My latest Red Card goes to Old Spice, which joins Tecate in providing “insult my consumer” creative.

Creative management platforms (CMPs) such as Flite, Spongecell, and Thunder are becoming more important to the digital advertising and media ecosystem, particularly as marketers require more and different kinds of creative assets in real time across many different geographies.

The Cannes International Festival of Creativity is a yearly celebration that recognizes the best in creative advertising worldwide.  June 25th marked the official culmination of the festival for 2016, which reflected a historic performance for Alma. The agency won a total of 8 Lions and 18 Shortlists, establishing a new record for the multicultural industry!

Alberto Cardenas will be gracing the airwaves this summer, representing favorite Old Spice new scent Desperado in the spots titled “Standoff” and “Perfect Ending.”

My conclusion is that Cannes is an ad festival by tradition only anymore. What it has turned into is a tech-deal-makers meet, agency-deal-makers swap meet.  Don’t get me wrong. Deal-making is really important. And to have a large number of buyers, sellers and middle men in one place is convenient, allowing for meeting after meeting after meeting in search of a deal. But it has very little to do anymore with celebrating great creative work.

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc / LMMIAMI.COM

  • What is it with your average creative that he -or she- whines, kicks, screams and throws tantrums yet he -or she- rarely has the rocks to start his or her own agency?
  • How many agencies in America were founded by creatives?
  • How many agencies in the US Hispanic market were founded by creatives?

Thirteen percent of advertising and marketing executives surveyed plan to expand their teams in the second half of 2016, according to new research from staffing firm The Creative Group. This is up from 11 percent in the first half of the y

“Whistle” launches tonight with a fully integrated effort for both the General and Hispanic markets, including an epic :90 online version just in time to kick off the Copa America tournament. Or – as we soccer aficionados call it – “let’s use all our personal days month.”

US consumer packaged goods (CPG) and consumer products advertisers will spend $5.97 billion on digital advertising in 2016, an 18.2% gain from 2015 that will see this sector account for 8.7% of total US digital ad spending for the year, as explored in a new eMarketer report, “The US CPG and Consumer Products Industry 2016: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Trends.”

LAPIZ appointed Luciana Cani as its new senior vice president, executive creative director overseeing the agency's creative team.