PRISA Digital and Maya Publishing Group announced their partnership to market the advertising space of online properties of Notmusa in the Hispanic and Portuguese markets of the region.

As online college courses have become increasingly prevalent, the general public and college presidents offer different assessments of their educational value, according to a new Pew Research Center report. Just three-in-ten American adults (29%) say a course taken online provides an equal educational value to one taken in a classroom. By contrast, about half of college presidents (51%) say online courses provide the same value. DOWNLOAD REPORT HERE

comScore, Inc. announced the availability of AdEffx Campaign Essentials in Latin America. Campaign Essentials is comScore’s campaign audience validation tool, which is used by digital marketers, agencies and publishers alike to verify the accuracy of audiences targeted in digital campaigns.

Generation X—the first generation to grow up with PCs—are plugged in and media-savvy. For marketers, that means that while these 34- to 45-year-old consumers are heavy users of digital tools, they also watch more TV than any other age segment.

Marketers may find themselves challenged to keep up with the ever-expending lexicon and targeting capabilities of display advertising, but not everyone needs to be well-versed in the inner workings of behavioral advertising to recognize its presence. US internet users are becoming aware of online behavioral advertising and are generally well-versed in key terminology, according to research from Harris Interactive.

The US online ad market is on a sharp trajectory this year, eMarketer estimates, with spending set to increase 20.2% to $31.3 billion. And based on an updated industry breakdown, retail and consumer packaged goods (CPG) will account for the largest shares of new spending.

Search and email remain the two online activities that are nearly universal among adult internet users, as 92% of online adults use search engines to find information on the Web, and a similar number (92%) use email. DOWNLOAD Report Here.

Casale Media Inc. published a research brief that quantifies the effects of page positioning, view order and frequency of online ads.

The media and entertainment industry is facing its largest and most daunting transformation. As technology is enabling ubiquitous media, the audience is shifting its consumption habits. As this year's Content Study shows, content creators and distributors are adapting.

Yahoo! Telemundo announced its Top 10 Searches for February, which include the Top 10 overall searches, image searches and entertainment searches for the month.