Artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a transformational technology of our digital age—and its practical application throughout the economy is growing apace. For this briefing, Notes from the AI frontier: Insights from hundreds of use cases, we mapped both traditional analytics and newer “deep learning” techniques and the problems they can solve to more than 400 specific use cases in companies and organizations. Drawing on McKinsey Global Institute research and the applied experience with AI of McKinsey Analytics, we assess both the practical applications and the economic potential of advanced AI techniques across industries and business functions.

Some business leaders, Elon Musk among them, worry that artificial intelligence poses a threat to human existence. How should businesses handle the responsibility of working with AI? In the latest episode of "Behind the Numbers," we sit down with marketing executive Kyle Psaty of Brand Networks to discuss the challenge.

Our 2018 compilation of research explains what’s helping and what’s hurting the Internet across five issues, from personal experience to global concerns.

About a year and a half ago, The Guardian caused a ruckus in the marketing tech industry when it announced that it received only 30% of the ad dollars advertisers spent on its site programmatically. Many believed the publisher was an outlier for letting so much money wind up in the hands of vendors. But according to a recent study, The Guardian’s experience isn’t that unusual.

Digital Lives 2018: A World of Digital ‘Everything’ through a Cultural Lens, a groundbreaking study by the trade group Culture Marketing Council: The Voice of Hispanic Marketing (CMC) reveals that culture drives digital behavior regarding how information is shared, how on-demand content is consumed, and which platforms are chosen, permeating outside of in-culture spaces and across non-Hispanic white, Hispanic and non-Hispanic African-American segments. Presence in cultural platforms, in-culture ads on mainstream sites and organic diversity in social media and video content are some of the critical strategies that resonate across all audiences and increase brand engagement.

Hitsbook, a user-generated content and media company, formally launched a U.S. division where it will serve the both the US and the Pan Regional Latin American markets.

In a survey of 120 CMOs worldwide by marketing consultancy NewBase, 43% of respondents said they outsource their programmatic efforts. No other marketing function had an outsource rate this high.

Dentsu Aegis Network announces the acquisition of M8.

Over $46 billion will go to programmatic advertising in the US this year, according to eMarketer’s latest programmatic forecast—about $10 billion more than last year.  That means 82.5% of all US digital display ads will be bought via automated channels in 2018.

Many of you are familiar with WARC research data.  It probably won’t surprise you that the company’s recently published Global Ad Trends overview has a significant portion dedicated to the challenges of digital advertising.

NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises announced the official inauguration of Telemundo Center, its new global headquarters in Miami, FL. Telemundo Center sets the new standard for Hispanic media as the only next-generation, multimedia production facility with news, sports, entertainment, studios, international and digital all under one roof.

Years of irrelevant marketing has made one thing clear: ads are more meaningful when tailored to consumer interests. Relevance and personalization in ads can increase consumer brand awareness, recall and affinity. It also leads to action. A recent report from Segment found that personalization caused consumers to make an unplanned purchase, spend more than planned, and become a repeat customer. To activate this kind of large-scale relevant marketing, it’s important to recognize personalized brand experiences are best achieved by choosing ad slots based on the user, not the content. And this approach is powered by programmatic.

Jack Myers TomorrowToday forecasts that Hispanic online spend will continue to grow and increase its share of total U.S. online spend to 2.3% by 2020.  Hispanics are now the youngest demographic group in the U.S., a major factor in rapidly growing digital media consumption.  Hispanic online ad spend has grown steadily at 18% per year or above since 2012 and is expected to maintain that growth rate through 2020.  Hispanic digital ad spend includes online display, search, video and other ad spend.

John Leguizamo announced that he and his partners are expanding their Latino media and entertainment company to form NGL Collective, and have appointed advertising industry veteran, Joe Bernard, as Chief Revenue Officer, effective immediately.

Most digital marketers are finding it challenging to accurately measure their programmatic media buys and they think it’s their agencies’ fault. That’s the finding of a survey of more than 200 digital marketers conducted by Infectious Media, a digital agency specializing in -- you guessed it -- programmatic media-buying.