By Leigh Marriner / Added-Value

Limelight Networks, Inc. released results from a recent survey that confirms that the development and implementation of regional websites is a strategic, high-priority initiative for both B2B and B2C companies. In a survey of 200 U.S.-based CMOs and VPs of Marketing, respondents stated that they are adding multiple regional websites and languages within the next year to build global brand awareness and drive revenue. However, respondents noted challenges to efficiently adding and managing regional websites, including lack of sufficient internal human, technical, and budgetary resources.

Connected TV, also known as over-the-top TV, smart TV and IPTV, has been gaining advertiser attention as it makes its way into more homes. By year’s end, Leichtman Research Group estimates, 38% of US households will have at least one TV set connected to the internet, up from 30% in 2011.

AdSafe Media announced the availability of its newest proactive brand protection solution, Ad Collision Detection. Ad Collision Detection will measure instances of multiple ads from a single brand campaign appearing simultaneously on a web page.

The digital media business is evolving so fast that the roles for people are changing very quickly. In some cases, people have migrated to adjacent industries. Others have so closely tracked the transformation of media into a technology business that they now essentially work for tech companies. And a few have left media and advertising altogether.

The effect of online video on the purchase cycle appears to be strengthening, particularly in the apparel sector. According to a study conducted by Google and Compete, four in 10 online shoppers visited a store or retailer website as a result of watching apparel videos online.

Did you know that 36% of AOL’s revenues come from online display ads served on their sites? This represents more than one--third of all AOL revenues and sheds light on the fact that ads are a viable revenue stream for website publishers that will not disappear anytime soon. It’s time to face the facts that online ads drive a majority of revenue for website publishers both large and small.

Companies around the world are looking outside their home countries for new markets to penetrate, and digital channels can make doing so easier. A website can reach potential customers around the world—as can a presence on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks. But without content customized for different regions and languages, a digital presence can seem lacking.

A new analysis from the recently updated Hispanic InsightCenter by BIGinsight identifies key digital media behavioral differences between Hispanics 18+ and Non-Hispanics 18+. Hispanics tend to be more digital-savvy than their Non-Hispanic counterparts. In addition to face-to-face communication, they are using social media and mobile technology to give and seek advice about products and services, which affects how media should be allocated when marketing to this consumer group.

The age of Big Data is upon us, but executives are lagging behind in maximizing the value of the reams of information now at their disposal. With data collection and storage growing easier, the greater challenge will lie in parsing the data for meaningful insights. A March–April survey of North American C-suite executives by Oracle found that six in 10 respondents considered their organizations unprepared to handle all the data being collected, and more than nine in 10 thought a failure to capitalize on the benefits offered by data translated to lost revenues.

Finalists for the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s (IAB) 2012 MIXX Awards were announced today, in 14 campaign and 13 single execution categories. Together, they represent the industry’s best work from across the globe and showcase the visionary talent that pushes it to new heights each year.

Batanga Media announced the acquisition of Crovat, a company that since 2007 has created and developed over 300 consumer websites.

Men are favoring their computers—and not their televisions—when looking to be entertained, according to “The Great Male Survey” conducted by from May to July 2012.

How is the amount of time spent watching video divided among streaming, DVD's, and broadcast/satellite/cable among the different cultural groups in the US? Here we present some of the data collected by Research Now for the Florida State University Multicultural Marketing study of 2012 that answers that question. By Felipe Korzenny, Ph.D.

Univision Interactive announced that Univision Partner Group has been certified by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) for its commitment to the IAB Quality Assurance Guidelines (QAG).