We all know that content consumption is changing, that video is converging across screens, and that younger people care less about where and how they consume their favorite content.

In their ongoing quest to build profitable and sustainable businesses around digital media, content owners are increasingly turning to subscription models. Although a sizeable portion of the target audience remains unwilling to pay for online or mobile content, many consumers are beginning to accept the idea that quality comes at a price.

The ad industry’s high water mark is usually seen as the “Mad Men” era, when the startups of the day were service-based agencies. It’s estimated that in the early 1970s over 200 ad agencies were founded annually.

IZ-ON Media announced the availability of a new Audience Advertising Network, which enables advertisers to efficiently reach and engage the nation's Hispanic population along their path to purchase.

Many in our industry -- me included -- believe that the future of TV will look something like video on the Web, and that the future of online video will look something like TV.

Detailed findings are compiled in “The IAB Summer Skincare Digital Report,” based on data from Prosper Insights™, which demonstrates digital’s influence on the lives and purchase behaviors of skincare and suntan lotion enthusiasts

Sponsorship regularly extends beyond digital channels to the entire marketing ecosystem, according to a new eMarketer report, “Online Sponsorship: Defining, Tracking and Measuring an Amorphous Channel.” So for many marketers, sponsorship is a multichannel game, where the activity in one channel supports and leads to another.

A recent survey of advertising and marketing professionals conducted by SQAD highlighted the large gap in the industry’s understanding of TV advertising costs compared to display advertising costs.

The National Center for Family Literacy (NCFL) and the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop announce the formation of the Aprendiendo Juntos ("Learning Together") Council (AJC).

Advertising spending in paid digital media by the US financial services industry will hit $5.20 billion in 2013 and rise to $7.38 billion by 2017, according to a new eMarketer report, “The US Financial Services Industry 2013: Digital Ad Spending Forecast and Key Trends.” While growth will continu

Email remains a workhorse for marketers: It’s cheap and reasonably effective. According to an April 2013 Economist Intelligence Unit survey of US and UK web users, email ranked as among the top outreach channel at each stage of the purchase process, from introduction, to final prepurchase assessment to post-purchase follow-up.

This Fall nearly 22 million college students will head back to campus to kick off the 2013-2014 school year. This is the largest assembly of college students ever to arrive on campuses, and they’ll do so boasting immense buying power, wielding a vast arsenal of gadgets and relying on mom and dad more than ever.

In an ongoing effort to ensure that its guidance for online advertisers stays current with changes in digital media, the Federal Trade Commission’s consumer protection staff sent letters to search engine companies to update guidance published in 2002 on distinguishing paid search results and othe

Content marketing is the wonk word du jour.

Terra announced the official launch of its new channel, "Sabores de America," through which visitors can embark on a gastronomic journey discovering flavors, spices and culinary secrets from all over the world.