Paco Olavarrieta has joined d expósito & Partners as a Partner and Chief Creative Officer. The minute we found out, we offered him the opportunity of a Q&A with Here, creative guru Paco Olavarrieta speaks about the U.S. Hispanic Market, Creativity, Total Market, the present and the future of our industry, salsa dancing, red wine and more.

Global Media Federation (GMF) presented its new radio, television and digital platform; it seeks to be a reference for Latin music and entertainment, launching emerging artists into the Hispanic market in the United States, Latin America, Europe, Africa and Asia.

Much has been written about the rise of the millennials and how their attitudes, preferences and behaviors are permeating today’s workplace. But what about the impact they are having on management itself — both the physical and metaphysical aspects of business management?

Mexico was the third largest U.S. trading partner in goods in 2016, totaling $525.1 billion.

If you spend any time in CPG product innovation, you're likely using a“Jobs To Be Done” (JTBD)approach. Created by Harvard Business School professor and disruptive innovator Clayton Christensen, the JTBD approach simply suggests people don't buy products, they hire them to do specific jobs.

The Association of National Advertisers (ANA) has released new research on how the overall ANA member community is conducting e-commerce initiatives. E-commerce (also referred to as electronic commerce, EC, e-business, or e-tail) refers to a wide variety of internet-based business models.

Third-party verification can’t come too soon to digital media, as the combination of bot fraud, fake news and audience restatements has 50% of marketers saying they will no longer place advertising on a platform they consider risky

In two decades of driving digital analytics programs, I’ve seen all sorts of walls, including digital programs that have been hung up, ground to a halt or failed outright. These are the key transition points you need to get right to take your program to the next level.  By Gary Angel - CEO at Digital Mortar

What is becoming clear, despite some new entrants, is that economic value is coalescing around a very small number of companies with respect to digital advertisers.

Myriad market forces are impacting the pharmaceutical industry — from technology to globalization to pricing to talent management.  C-Suite executives from various industry segments provide their insights on how they are leading their organizations through an era of unprecedented transformation.

Beyond a surprising comeback by the Patriots and a never-before seen overtime game, Super Bowl 51 delivered many life and business lessons for us to treasure.  By Lili Gil Valletta, Entrepreneur and Cultural Innovator

Executives who know how to set up and manage agency relationships are best positioned to improve their marketing ROI.

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creatve director, etc. /

  • Here’s a review of the ads on last Sunday’s annual sports & marketing extravaganza.
  • As usual, I wrote this off the top of my head, making the effort to view the material as actual consumers do: surrounded by noisy friends and family, eating processed food, mildly inebriated on cheap beer and simultaneously checking various mobile devices.

Today, millions of Americans, nachos in front of them, groaned at the TV screen, sometimes because their favored team fumbled, and other times because the commercial was too mawkish, or dumb, or, and this is becoming the new reality, because it pushed their political buttons.  By David R. Morse

Donald J. Trump has been in office for less than two weeks and the level of anxiety it has brought upon our society is unlike anything I’ve witnessed. While most Americans hoped the president would unite the nation and lead the healing process after a highly divisive and contentious election, it is fair to say that he has not.  By Tony Hernandez, CEO, Latino Broadcasting Co. and Founder, Immigrant Archive Project