Leticia Mijes has joined Colonial Savings, F.A. in the newly created position of Multicultural Market Manager.

Jim Baral has joined Transit Media Group as partner and President, a subsidiary of M&M Group Entertainment, offering entertainment and talent for arenas, casinos, fairs and festivals.

By Gonzalo López Martí - Creative director, etc. / LMMiami.com

  • The new POTUS has pulled a massive electoral win depicting Hispanics as a threat to the American way of life.
  • The Dems, after betting big on our support, have come to the realization that we are politically irrelevant.
  • Did I say irrelevant?
  • I meant to say toxic.
  • Obama’s last minute courtesy -ending the “dry foot wet foot” policy- did away with the only remaining stream of Spanish-speaking documented immigration.

The National Hispanic Corporate Council (NHCC) announced the passing of its former President and CEO, Carlos Soto Quiñones who passed away on Saturday, February 18th. Carlos had served as the NHCC's President and CEO from 2000 to 2009. Prior to being named to the President/ CEO role, Carlos also served on the NHCC Board of Directors representing Coors Brewing Company.
National Hispanic Corporate Council (NHCC).

With the rapid growth of multicultural households in America and their unparalleled influence on the marketplace, there is a strong need for retailers to revise their in-store strategies to include a wider range of fresh food products and flavor profiles that cater to the multicultural consumer set. 

If you are in Kindergarten in America you already know that more than half of your classmates are minorities. The U.S. Census Bureau revealed in 2014 that more than half the children under 5 years old in the U.S. were ethnic minorities.  And by 2020, more than half of the nation's population under 18 will be part of a minority race or ethnic group.

Boardroom diversity in Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies has increased for women and certain minority groups, according to the "Missing Pieces Report: The 2016 Board Diversity Census of Women and Minorities on Fortune 500 Boards," a multiyear study published by the Alliance for Board Diversity (ABD), collaborating with Deloitte for the 2016 Census.

Despite all the progress women have made in business, they are still reaching top leadership positions at a significantly lower rate than men. They have the same education, skills, and qualifications as men to get ahead, so what’s going wrong?

SBS and TargetSpot agreed that Targetspot will be the exclusive third party sales network for all of SBS’s Spanish Radio streaming inventory.

Why advertisers and agencies should improve how they work together to maintain a healthy, loving and productive relationship.  By Bruno Gralpois, Agency Mania Solutions

The problems with programmatic are well-covered and greatly ignored.  Reported growth in spending continues to fan the frenzy, while sweeping significant problems under the rug.

As Facebook develops an ever-more diverse portfolio of businesses, questions arise of whether it risks diluting its core identity.  Put another way, will the future of Facebook look like Google? Or, will it look more like Yahoo?

It’s time to reject FOMO and embrace Borecore, along with mindfulness apps, myth debunking, and a shift in focus away from Millennials. Mindshare North America's annual Culture Vulture Trends report is unveiling the latest consumer shifts and cultural trends forecast to grow over the next year.

SHINE ENTERTAINMENT MEDIA (Shine) announced that Rosalba Zepeda Tielve has been appointed to be the new VP of Business Development for the Entertainment and Digital Division.

By Gonzalo López Martí    - Creative director, etc. / LMMiami.com

  • The new occupant of White House has proven that Latinos not only are unnecessary to win elections: we are the perfect political piñata to unleash a witch hunt on.
  • How are we supposed to convince CEOs and CMOs that they must spend their marketing dollars in Hispanic media now?