interTrend communications, Inc., alongside its longtime client J. C. Penney Company, Inc. are proud to announce their recognition by the American Advertising Federation (AAF) for multiethnic media usage with a Mosaic Award.

While marketers and agencies both advocate careful calibration when it comes to balancing brand and demand, the economy clearly has swung the brand/demand pendulum toward demand creation.

While we were sleeping, it happened. A whole new demographic of young, reasonably affluent Hispanics entered the world of marketing as incredibly important and valuable consumers, but just not quite the way mainstream America thought they would in the 1980s.

In today’s very complex US Hispanic marketing environment, the need for ‘Thought Leadership’ that delivers highly valued content that helps readers better understand the challenges and opportunities in marketing to US Hispanics is not a luxury, but a necessity.

The vast majority of marketers (82 percent) report that their companies regularly conduct formal agency performance evaluations according to a survey conducted by the ANA (Association of National Advertisers), in partnership with marketing services firm ‘mktg.'

It’s easy to blame a brand bankruptcy on the economy, but it may be more complicated than that. “The brutality of this economy is not only exposing toxic assets, but poorly differentiated brands,” says John Gerzema, author of the best-selling book The Brand Bubble.

Digital has the power to transform marketing. In an environment that is inherently about choice, engagement and personalization, digital allows the best marketers to market better. In this report, we examine how brands can succeed in a digital world and the opportunities it presents.

Many are attempting to produce greater efficiency from fewer brands...

Americans are increasing their overall media consumption, and media multi-tasking is part of the equation, according to new data from The Nielsen Company’s most recent Three Screen Report. Download report here.

I was hypothesizing about engagement recently, reminiscing about one of my previous titles as Engagement Architect, and came up with a simple way of looking at how to define the term (at least I think I did).

The choreographed dance, not surprisingly, was captured on film.

Spontaneous shimmying spurred on by commuting ennui? Not quite. The event was a brand-orchestrated flash mob, a gathering (usually precipitated by an elaborate set of e-mail instructions) of large numbers of people in a public place, where some preplanned event takes place to entertain, amuse or generate buzz and publicity for a well-known brand (in this case, T-Mobile). The mobile-phone company pulled off a similar Trafalgar Square sing-along three months later, attracting nearly 14,000 people.

In analyzing 10 markets so far this year, we found that they tend to fall into one of two buckets: fear-fueled and hope-fueled. The hope-fueled markets comprise what are considered the emerging economies: Brazil, India and China. These mind-sets are manifesting themselves in brand behavior. Download study here.

If you haven't begun planning your holiday campaigns, then you're already behind. The first salvo of holiday email marketing has already been fired, with 8% of major online retailers having already mentioned the holidays in their email campaigns.

In it’s August 10th cover story about marketing to Hispanics, the Miami Herald opened its article with a reference to Univision’s Saturday-night variety show host Don Francisco. No big deal but the story reminded me of what I had heard a few weeks earlier on Power 96, an urban/hip-hop (English-language) Miami radio station with plenty of Latino DJs and popular with Miami’s urban Latinos. by Manny Gonzalez. To read El Blog CLICK above.

Chief marketing officers in the United States are increasingly optimistic about the economy and their customers’ purchasing activities, and are embracing the power of social media as they seek to promote their brands and attract new customers.